Flutter, the newcomer in mobile cross-platform​ app development

Xamarin is one of the cross-platform technologies which I have considered. The Xamarin app performance is almost native, but Xamarin is not free for commercial use. Reactive native is another cross-platform solution, but it seems so many people having problems with it. The only one left is Flutter. Open source, free, backed by Google, native performance, valuable features for development. These things are worth spending time to learn it and expand our skill.

Don’t mind to use Objective-C

Since the first Swift release in 2014, It seems like Swift is a super rock star which takes over the stage. As advertising, Swift is more modern, elegant and even faster. Well, they talk it up a lot. More and more companies have decided to migrate to Swift. Many many senior developers have moved away from Objective-C. Fresh iOS developers are told to learn Swift rather than Objective-C. However, Objective-C won't be dying. It will last long for many reasons. Let's go through the following reasons which I recap in this post