[iOS] Explore Youtube app layout structure

Learn from a book is good, but learn from the success model is even better. Youtube iOS app is one of the well-implemented apps. In order to study the app, I use a tool called Reveal App to help retrieve the views hierarchy. This took me many days for the first setup. However, what I eventually have discovered is worthy. Ok, let's see what is in the mystery box.

Compile and run Apple’s SwiftNIO

Last month, I wrote a post about How to setup SwiftNIO for iOS and tvOS. Basically, I manually create all the targets in a new project, set up everything from scratch. It takes time and I wonder there is a better way? I go back to the start point, try to compile the original Swift-NIO project, finally I see how it works.

Don’t mind to use Objective-C

Since the first Swift release in 2014, It seems like Swift is a super rock star which takes over the stage. As advertising, Swift is more modern, elegant and even faster. Well, they talk it up a lot. More and more companies have decided to migrate to Swift. Many many senior developers have moved away from Objective-C. Fresh iOS developers are told to learn Swift rather than Objective-C. However, Objective-C won't be dying. It will last long for many reasons. Let's go through the following reasons which I recap in this post